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05/09 St. Catharine of Bologna

Today on May 9th we celebrate the life of St. Catharine of Bologna. St. Catharine of Bologna, born in Bologna, was related to the nobility in Ferrara and was educated at court there. She received a liberal education at the court and developed some interest and talent in painting. In later years as a Poor Clare, Catharine sometimes did manuscript illumination and also painted miniatures. God Bless!

05/08 St. Peter of Tarentaise

Today on May 8th we celebrate the wonderful acts of St. Peter of Tarentaise. After about a decade as bishop Peter “disappeared” for a year and lived quietly as a lay brother at an abbey in Switzerland. When he was “found out,” the reluctant bishop was persuaded to return to his post. He again focused many of his energies on the poor. God Bless his sacrifice.

05/07 St. Rose Venerini

Today on May 7th we celebrate the life of St. Rose Venerini. Whatever state of life God calls us to, we bring with us an assortment of experiences, interests and gifts—however small they seem to us. Rose’s life stands as a reminder that all we are is meant to be put to service wherever we find ourselves. God Bless!

05/06 Sts. Marian and James

Today, on May 6th, we celebrate as a community the life of Sts. Marian and James. Sts. Marian and James were born in North Africa, Marian was a lector or reader; James was a deacon. For their devotion to the faith they suffered during the persecution of Valerian. Prior to their persecution, Marian and James were visited by two bishops who encouraged them in the faith not long before they themselves were martyred. God Bless!

05/05 St. Hilary of Arles

Today on May 5th we celebrate the life of St. Hilary of Arles. St. Hilary of Arles was born in France in the early fifth century, Hilary came from an aristocratic family. In the course of his education he encountered his relative, Honoratus, who encouraged the young man to join him in the monastic life. Hilary did so. He continued to follow in the footsteps of Honoratus as bishop. Hilary was only 29 when he was chosen bishop of Arles. God Bless!

05/04 St. Michael Giedroyc

Today we remembered the blessed life of St. Michael Giedroyc. St. Michael Giedroyc was born near Vilnius, Lithuania, Michael suffered from physical and permanent handicaps from birth. He was a dwarf who had the use of only one foot. Because of his delicate physical condition, his formal education was frequently interrupted. But over time, Michael showed special skills at metalwork. God Bless!

05/03 St. James

Today, as a community, we remember St. James. We know nothing of this man but his name, and of course the fact that Jesus chose him to be one of the 12 pillars of the New Israel, his Church. He is not the James of Acts, son of Clopas, “brother” of Jesus and later bishop of Jerusalem and the traditional author of the Letter of James. God Bless!

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