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06/23 St. John Fisher

Today, on June 23rd we celebrate the life of St. John Fisher. St. John Fisher is usually associated with Erasmus, Thomas More and other Renaissance humanists. His life, therefore, did not have the external simplicity found in the lives of some saints. He was interested in the contemporary culture and eventually became chancellor at Cambridge. He had been made a bishop at 35, and one of his interests was raising the standard of preaching in England. Fisher himself was an accomplished preacher and writer. His sermons on the penitential psalms were reprinted seven times before his death. God Bless!

06/22 St. Matthias

Today on June 22nd we, as a community, celebrate the life of St. Matthias. What was the holiness of Matthias? Obviously he was suited for apostleship by the experience of being with Jesus from his baptism to his ascension. He must also have been suited personally, or he would not have been nominated for so great a responsibility. God Bless!

06/21 St. Joseph Perez

Today on June 21st we celebrate the life of St. Joseph Perez. Joseph was born in Coroneo, Mexico, and joined the Franciscans when he was 17. Because of Mexico’s civil unrest at that time (the forces of Pancho Villa had crossed into New Mexico on a raid the previous year), he was forced to take his philosophy and theology studies in California. God Bless!

06/20 St Monegundis

Today, 20th June, is the feast day of St Monegundis and according to the Roman Martyrology her anniversary of death. She is a French Saint of the 6th century, who came to holiness gradually by way of profound personal tragedy. The principality of Chimay, in France has claimed her as their patroness since the 12th century. God Bless!

06/19 Blessed Yakym Senkivsky

Today, 19th June, is the anniversary of death of Blessed Yakym Senkivsky, who died during Stalin’s persecution of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in 1941. This persecution was particularly brutal attempt to stamp out belief in God and to remove all Church run institutions and media from daily life. Blessed Yakym is one of the 25 martyrs beatified by Blessed Pope John Paul the Great in 2001, all of whom were members of the Greek Catholic Church in the Ukraine. God Bless!

06/18 Venerable Matt Talbot

today on June 18th we celebrate the life of Venerable Matt Talbot. Matt was born in Dublin, where his father worked on the docks and had a difficult time supporting his family. After a few years of schooling, Matt obtained work as a messenger for some liquor merchants; there he began to drink excessively. The Lord pulled him back from the reckless path he began down. God Bless his ability to listen.

06/17 St. Joseph Cafasso

Today we celebrate the life of St. Joseph Cafasso. Even as a young man, St. Joseph Cafasso loved to attend Mass and was known for his humility and fervor in prayer. After his ordination he was assigned to a seminary in Turin. There he worked especially against the spirit of Jansenism, an excessive preoccupation with sin and damnation. Joseph used the works of St. Francis de Sales and St. Alphonsus Liguori to moderate the rigorous popular at the seminary. God Bless his work for our Lord.

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