1/15 St Elizabeth Ann Seton

Today, January 15, we celebrate the life and works of St Elizabeth Ann Seton. St Elizabeth was the first American to be canonized by the church. St Elizabeth didn’t lead a normal life. It was simple, true, but it was filled with much heartbreak and suffering. She was an avid reader as a child and read anything that she could get her hands on, including the Bible. In a sense, there was one area of her life that she was lucky in and that was love. She married the man that she was deeply in love with, Will Seton. For a year or so, life seemed perfect. She had nothing to worry about and was blissful in her new marriage. It seemed to only bring her closer to God.

However, that came to an end with the death of Will’s father. With his father’s death, they became the caregivers of his seven half brothers and sisters as well as the owners of his father’s import business. It was a tough few years and he eventually had to file for bankruptcy. With all of this, his health was failing him as well. So he and St Elizabeth went to Italy where he eventually passed away. Her one conciliation in this was that he had found the Lord before this happened. Knowing that he was in a better place, she turned herself over to her religion completely.

St Elizabeth was known for being kind, courteous, witty, patient, and having a good sense about her. These were things that she took with her when she focused all of her attention on her religion. She had friends in Italy help her to learn more about Catholicism and showed her the truth. She took these lessons with her to Baltimore, Maryland where she opened a school. She used all that she had learned to help others starting the first free Catholic school for others to attend.

God Bless her and the work that she did to bring Him to the lives of others. May she inspire us to do like works.

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