1/16 St Angela Merici

Today, January 16, we celebrate the life and works of St Angela Merici. St Angela was a woman that was asked by Pope Clement VII to lead a religious order of nursing sisters, but she told him no. You see, Angela had just returned from a trip to the Holy Land and when she had gone there, she fell ill and lost her sight. Even so, she continued her pilgrimage without seeing, instead seeing with her heart. When she returned, her eye sight returned and it only gave her all the more vigor and drive to help those that were about her.

Her focus was on the girls about her home town that were uneducated and living such poor lives because of this. She would gather others like herself, those that believed in God and wanted to follow His call, and head out into the streets of her home town to gather the women together and teach them. She had been doing this for countless years before the Pope offered her such an honor, but his request seemed to give her the drive to make things a bit more formal than they had been before. Though they never became a religious order in her lifetime, Angela’s Company of Saint Ursula did get recognized.

God Bless her and may we also not turn a blind eye to those in need or to the call of God.

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