1/17 Blessed Amadeus of Lausanne

Today, January 17, we celebrate the life and works of Blessed Amadeus of Lausanne. Bl Amadeus was born of a royal family and was the son of Bl. Amadeus of Clermont. He was a man that knew what he wanted and went after it. In this instance, it involved him going into the church and working hard to bring happiness and God’s love to the people. He grew up educated at Bonnevaux and then at Cluny, following in his father’s footsteps in many ways. His life led to him going into service in the household of King Henry V. It was while he was there that he became a Cistercian.

He worked hard in that role too, becoming the abbot of Ilautecombe Savoy and then the bishop of Lausanne just five years after that in 1144. He did much in his time in these roles to help others and wanted nothing more than to bring glory to God and show others the path that would lead them to Heaven. He was a man of passion and desire when it came to God and spreading His work to others.

God Bless him and may we also live our lives for the glory of God and spreading His word and love to others.

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