1/19 St Aleaunie

Today, January 19, we celebrate the life and works of St Aleaunie, patron of Burgos, Spain. Born in Laudun, Poitou, France, St Aleaunie chose to dedicate his life towards the military and doing his duty for his country. He was proud of his life as a soldier and worked hard in that role. During his time as a soldier, he took a journey to Rome where he met a man that would change his life. St Robert spread God’s word to the soldier and converted him to a religious life. This choice would, of course, change his life.

Queen Constance of Castile was one of those that were highly impressed by his holiness and invited him to her castle in Burgos, Spain. Her husband, King Alfonso IV then had a monastery built for him there to have him stay. He became the new abbot of this place and worked hard to bring the Lord to the people of Burgos, Spain. He wanted to share with them what had changed his life and change their lives as well. He wanted them to understand just what it was that was waiting for them out there and come to feel God’s love in their lives as well. However, war broke out and St Aleaunie used the skills he had obtained during his time as a soldier to join King Alfonso IV in battle.

God Bless him and may we also have such joy to spread God’s love and words to others in our lives.

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