1/20 St John Bosco

Today, January 20, we celebrate the life and works of St John Bosco. St John had been having dreams since a very young age, but he never took them seriously. After all, they were just dreams. Pope Pius IX met him while he was working with neglected boys and heard of these dreams. He didn’t like that St John didn’t take them seriously because he saw them as God’s hand and will leading in St John’s life. He had him write them down from that moment on in great detail, viewing them to be inspiration for St John and others in their lives.

In his dreams he was placed in charge of others that were unruly and fighting. A man with a face of light would appear to him and tell him that he was to lead them, that he was to befriend them with gentleness and kindness, that he would have to do this through acquiring knowledge and obedience. This didn’t sound good to the boy who saw what he was being told to do as impossible. However, as he watched the man with the face of light interact with those children that were fighting, he saw them gentle like lambs around him. This gave him inspiration to do the same. His dreams, when he told others at the age of nine about them, was met with skepticism.

This dream though, and those to follow, led him to the life he led as an adult in taking care of those child that were neglected and leading them with that kindness that he had seen the man with the face of light have. He led them to fulfilled and faithful lives that had God at the core. He didn’t stop or let anything distract him because he knew that this was where God wanted him. He still continued to spread his dreams to others, but his main focus was always those boys that he had been told to care for.

God Bless him and may we also follow the path that God lays out before us regardless of those that don’t believe it to be true.

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