1/21 St Brigid of Ireland

Today, January 21, we celebrate the life and works of St Brigid of Ireland. St Brigid was born in Faughart, Louth, Ireland into a Catholic family that had actually been baptized by St Patrick, someone that St Brigid would grow to be close friends with in the future. Born into a family built on God and love, she knew at a young age that she wanted to dedicate her life to Christ and only to him. She took the veil in her youth from St Macaille at Croghan. There she settled in with seven other girls like herself who had taken the veil and promised themselves, body and soul, to God. It lasted for quite some time before she followed St Mel of Armagh to Meath. It was there that she continued her life for Christ by finding a double monastery in Kildaire and was abbess of the convent.

This place developed fully into a place of learning and a religious center for those in the land. She spent much of her time there finding other ways to reach the people including finding a school for the arts. The manuscripts that were created there were some of the most famed through out the world. St Brigid was a woman that was filled with the love for Christ. She thrived on charity and compassion and wanted nothing more than to share that joy with others in any form that she could.

God Bless her and may we also seek out to find and please God in our lives, spreading his love and works throughout the world as best we can.

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