1/23 St Blaise

Today, January 23, we celebrate the life and works of St Blaise, Patron of Throat Illness and Wild Animals. St Blaise, though not much is known of him, was born to a rich and noble family that raised him in the Catholic faith. It was because of this that he followed his faith into becoming a Bishop. Shortly after he received this honor, though, a new persecution of Catholics arose and he was told by God to go and hide in the hills for those that were searching for those like him were sure to find him where he was. St Blaise obeyed God’s will and went into the mountains.

However, in time, these men that had been searching for those like him found their way into the mountains, trying to find those that might have escaped and were hiding. They came upon a cave with wild animals surrounding it, each one sick. St Blaise was among them, healing their illness and was unafraid that they were wild animals that could strike and kill him at any moment. The men captured him and took him away, planning to sentence him for being a man of faith, especially when they realized he was a Bishop. This did nothing to take away from St Blaise’s faith and he stood strong. They tried starving him, yet a woman that he had helped in the past came into the prison with food hidden and gave it to him, keeping him alive. He was martyred some time later.

God Bless him and may we all stay strong in our faith and follow God’s will as St Blaise did, even if it leads us to strange places. God always has a plan for us. It is for us to trust His will.

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