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Irish Gifts

We appreciate you visiting St–, home of the world's most complete church and religious goods store. We stock a wide variety of beautiful items joined together by a religious theme, including our fine collection of Irish gifts. We take great pride in our fine religious goods and hope you will enjoy them too. Can't find what you're looking for? If you ever have any questions, concerns, or requests please contact us and we will happily work with you to find what you need!

St. Patrick
Code: 20144316
Price: $29.99

IN STOCK. Ready for immediate delivery.

Quantity in Basket: none

Shamrock Rosary
Code: 200446
Price: $24.99

IN STOCK. Ready for immediate delivery.

Quantity in Basket: none

Irish Rosary
Code: 200442
Price: $69.99

IN STOCK. Ready for immediate delivery.

Quantity in Basket: none

Penal Rosary
Code: 090443
Price: $29.99
Quantity in Basket: none

The first St. Jude Religious Store was established in 1965 when founder Russell L. Davis was cured of tuberculosis after praying to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes. Since then, St. Jude's has offered a wide selection of gifts, religious goods, church supplies, gifts and Irish gifts for sale to churches, convents, hospitals and individuals. Now, St– maintains the tradition of St. Jude's inspiring origin online.

With over 7,000 items ready for immediate delivery, including Irish gifts items, St. Jude Religious Stores are the perfect choice for finding a special gift for any friend or family member. Long after that mug has broken or that funny t–shirt has gone out of style, St. Jude gifts retain their value because of the meaning behind them. We carry only the highest quality items and are dedicated to always providing the very best experience for our visitors. Browse our wide selection of religious items, including our selection of Irish gifts, and prepare to be amazed.

St– offers a quick and easy order process for Irish gifts and other religious items that keeps your information completely secure. At St– in–stock orders are shipped within 24 hours of order confirmation, and if you browse our Irish gifts for sale, you will see a majority, if not all, selections are in–stock right now! Pre–manufactured, non–stocked items are generally shipped within 6 business days (if delivery time is fundamental, call us before ordering).


ST.JUDE RELIGIOUS STORES IS THE WORLDS MOST COMPLETE RELIGOUS AND CHURCH GOODS STORE WITH OVER 7000 ITEMS READY FOR IMMEDIATE DELIVERY INCLUDING ITEMS SUCH AS Religious Items, Religious Supplies, Catholic Gifts, Christian Supply, Catholic Supply. Shop for your favorite St. Jude items. We are the Catholic Shop for all of your needs. Ave Maria!